photo by Jeanine Farley

photo by Jeanine Farley
Stephanie grew up in a close-knit town in northern Wisconsin. After college, she worked with at-risk communities in urban Philadelphia and rural Georgia and, after this experience, she resolved to spend her life improving programs that help families achieve stability and happiness. Stephanie studied at Harvard and the University of Chicago to learn how to make sure government improves the lives of those who need it most.

After moving to Somerville in 2004, she got to work launching SomerStat, 311 and ResiStat, and helping Somerville schools perform at the top of the State. Stephanie has used both ground-breaking and time-tested approaches to problem solving because that’s what strengthens our community. As Alderman, she will work to support connections across our  diverse population so we can continue making progress together. Most of all, Stephanie will make sure that Somerville’s local government always puts our shared concerns first.